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Daily Archives: August 18, 2014

Dermalogica Launches New Concept Stores

I was recently invited to the launch of Dermalogica’s new concept store in Rosebank Mall. I had first heard about Dermalogica’s concept stores when I had my salon many years ago and was wondering when they would find there way to South Africa.

“Dermalogica Concept Spaces redefine the future of skin care through a branded experience, and the convergence of skin care expertise with results driven product.”

Dermalogica’s Concept Store is all about educating the consumer about their skin and about the products. It is not an ordinary skin care centre in that the only treatments available are Dermalogica Facials, FaceMapping and MicroZone Treatments. This store gives the consumers a chance to play with the product, and as the tester stand says “dive right in” – I mean, who wouldn’t want to sit all day and play with those products?

Dermalogica Rosebank Store Front | Product Pool | MicroZone Space

Dermalogica Rosebank Store Front | Product Pool | MicroZone Space

At Dermalogica Rosebank you will also find a Skin Bar which is an interactive place for FaceMapping to take place, you may also sit here and play with and get to know the products with the help of the Dermalogica Skin Care Experts on Hand. FaceMapping is complimentary at the Concept Stores and is used to divide the skin into 14 zones to correctly prescribe your best treatment and home care routine.

MicroZone Treatment Space | Skin Bar

MicroZone Treatment Space | Skin Bar

A MicroZone treatment is a 20 minute facial target at one particular zone or skin concern designed to receive target, localised results. It is great if you are short of time, as a top up in-between your normal treatments or if you are on a budget and want the benefit of a skin care treatment, while purchasing products. The Microzone Treatment is R280.00 and takes 20 minutes. I love that the space is ‘open’ as it draws the public in and gets them to question what is happening, and thereby educating them about skincare.

You can also have any Dermalogica Treatment at the Concept Store. The treatment room is completely sound proofed so you cannot hear any of the noise from the store. You also have your choice of soothing music and light colours.

Other Dermalogica concept stores:

Dermalogica on Wembley (Cape Town) and Dermalogica V&A Waterfront

Thank You to Dermalogica for a great morning, and for the MicroZone Treatment and the Dynamic Skin Recovery, I will be posting a review on both shortly!

Decadent Treats and Coffee/Hot Chocolate Bar

Decadent Treats and Coffee/Hot Chocolate Bar

PS: If you are looking at getting started on Dermalogica and have no idea where to start, or just want to trial the products, this kit is perfect for you. Priced at R690.00, containing 4 of Dermalogica’s cult products, you can’t go wrong. This kit is also great for traveling.