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Gelish Review

As much as I love to experiment with different nail varnish and change my nails weekly, sometimes I need something that is going to last a lot longer and that is why I love Gelish. Gelish paints on like a polish and hardens under the UV lamp like a gel, giving your nails extra strength and your polish longer wear.

I am on day 16 of my manicure and apart from slightly growing out, my nails still look good. The OPI Matte top Coat I used over the Gelish is no longer Matte, but I easily could have reapplied if I wanted to keep the matte look. Most sites who offer ‘home care’ advice for gel nail polish basically tell you to sit pretty and not use your hands – what is the point then of a hard wearing polish?


Colour: Gelish Black Shadow with an OPI Matte Top Coat

I usually remove my Gelish and have it reapplied fortnightly. Every 6 weeks I like to give my nails a break and I will leave it off for between 3 – 4 weeks. The only reason I give my nails a break is because I love to experiment with different polish brands and colours and as someone who hates manicures I need a break form the fiddly soak off process! It is not necessary to let your nails ‘breathe’ between applications, and as long as you are nourishing your cuticles and have your Gelish removed properly you are doing no harm to your own nails. Please just make sure you go back to your salon and have your Gelish soaked off because if you pick it off you are going to damage your own nails.

If you are going away on holiday, are a mom, or hard on your hands Gelish is perfect for you.

A Gelish overlay (without the manicure) can cost anywhere in the region of R 180 – R250 depending on the salon.

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