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{Product Review} Dermalogica's Daily Resurfacer

dermalogica precleanse

I received Dermalogica’s Daily Resurfacer just under 2 weeks ago to test and although I usually like to trial a product for at least 4 weeks before I will write I review on it, I can already see such a marked improvement in my skin that I thought why wait!

I was sceptical about this exfoliator at first because I prefer a more mechanical scrub (apricot kernel, microbeads, rice grains) and Daily Resurfacer falls into the chemical exfoliation bracket due to the Alpha and Beta hydroxy acids it contain but after the first use I found that the pre-soaked ‘sponge’ applicator acted as a slight mechanical scrub so it was a win, win!

Daily Resurfacer is gentle enough to be used daily on your skin, and I used it as part of my nightly cleansing routine. I didn’t feel any tingling at all during the time I have been using it and my skin is already much brighter and smoother. I did however read (last night only) that for best results you can use this in conjunction with Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant. They recommend used the Microfoliant in the morning and the Resurfacer at Night. As I am always on the quest for brighter, glowing skin I will try this an update this post in 2 weeks!

I gave this product 4/5 purely for the cost – if you are on a budget this product only last 35 applications -so just over a month.

Daily Resurfacer is a leave on exfoliator containing hydroxy acids to smooth the skin and Dermalogica’s brightening complex to help even skin tone it also contains hyaluronic acid to help skin retain water and plump up fine lines.

I have really enjoyed this exfoliator so much that I am going to continue to use it on my skin – I have actually just had someone comment on how good my skin is looking.

Key ingredients

Salicylic Acid: resurfaces and stimulates natural exfoliation. Apple Fruit and Sugar Cane: extracts that stimulate cell renewal and cell turnover while gently sloughing surface cells.

Hyaluronic Acid and GAGs: glycosaminoglycans that hold up to 1,000 times their weight in water help to hydrate skin.

Zostera (Seagrass or Eelgrass): contains polysaccharides (sugars) that form a hydration net over skin’s surface that cushions and protects

Dermalogica also have the following great exfoliators in their range:
•Skin Prep Scrub
•Daily Microfoliant
•Gentle Cream Exfoliant
•Multivitamin Thermafoliant
•Exfoliating Face Brush

Product Class: Exfoliator
Size: 35/tin
RSP: R850
Application: After cleansing pat skin dry. Tear open pouch and remove applicator, place over index finger and apply in a circular motion over the face. There is enough product on the pre-soaked applicator that you can go all the way down your neck and onto your décolletage. Wait to dry. Spray your toner, use a booster if necessary, and then moisturise.

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